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Nelson Radon Reduction provides professional services including radon system installation to reduce radon gas from homes that have been identified as having a radon gas level of 4 pCi/L and higher. We provide services to meet the needs of homeowners, real estate professionals and professional builders. 
• Home owners: Radon Mitigation strategies in Peoria, Illinois to address the concerns of home owners with guaranteed results.  For real estate transactions and home day care laws go to the Radon Regulations page.
• Real Estate professionals: Radon Mitigation strategies that meet the needs of the seller and buyer.  For real estate laws go to the Radon Regulations Page.
• Professional builders: providing design and radon mitigation strategies in Illinois to meet the needs of the builder including radon resistant building certification. For the new Radon Resistant Construction Act go to the Radon Regulations Page.

Efficient Radon Systems
In the planning of any radon mitigation system an  understanding of the variables must be understood. These variables include cost of operation, the way a  system looks, cost to the client, ease of repair, but the primary consideration is the effectiveness of reducing the radon levels below the target level. System design should provide for an effective sub-slab pressure differential, using specific target pressures, with a minimum cold weather difference of -.004 WC inches. This will accomplish the goal of protecting your health using a system that has long term sustainability and providing a low cost of operation. As smart house technology improves and becomes less costly, dynamic control systems can be included to improve the effectiveness and operating cost of Nelson Radon mitigation systems. 
We make homes healthier, safer and more valuable with  radon mitigation in Peoria, IL and the surrounding areas.

We Provide Radon Mitigation in Illinois